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What’s included with this service?

  • Removing existing ceiling fan
  • Assembling, mounting and wiring 1 customer-supplied fan
  • Attaching blades, lights and chains (as needed)

Why should I get a pro to replace my ceiling fan?

Installing a ceiling fan can be an excellent, cost-effective way to circulate both cool and warm air. But ceiling fans are heavy, and replacing one involves tapping into your electrical system, allowing for adequate blade clearance, and bracing the ceiling fan correctly to keep it stable and secure.
Even ceiling fan replacements that seem like they’ll be easy can go wrong in any number of ways. A pro has the experience and tools to do a ceiling fan replacement more quickly and smoothly than someone with no training.

The right fan and placement

  • The fan: Make sure you choose the right fan for your room. If you have lower ceilings, consider purchasing a low-ceiling mount. Typically, there should be 7 feet between the bottom of the ceiling fan and your floor, and there should be at least 12 inches between the ceiling fan blades and the ceiling—though 18 inches allows for optimal airflow.
  • The location: Usually a ceiling fan is installed in the center of room, and that’s a good spot to ensure adequate clearance and air flow. Ceiling fans all use about the same amount of electricity, in most cases, so replacing one ceiling fan with another shouldn’t require any electrical fixes. However, if the weight of your new ceiling fan is much higher than your old fan, your pro will need to install a new electrical box, rated to support the ceiling fan. The cost of a new electrical box is not included in service estimate.


A ceiling fan replacement installation service may seem like a daunting task for the average homeowner. But it’s not as hard as you might think! In this blog post, we will cover some of the most important things to know before installing your own ceiling fan. We will also explain why you should leave the job to a professional instead of trying and risking injury or property damage.



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Ceiling fan replacements are not for the faint of heart. If you’re considering replacing your ceiling fan, but don’t want to risk slipping or breaking a sweat, we can help!  You will never have to sort a fan blade color side in the dark.  You won’t have to fiddle around with wire cutters and wire nuts on a ladder playing with the shocking hot wires.  Our technicians have years of experience installing and repairing ceiling fans in San Antonio homes and businesses alike. We’ll make sure that the new ceiling fan is secure,  balanced properly, ground wire set, safe from falling down on someone’s head – all while saving you time and money!

If you are looking for a ceiling fan replacement installation service, then you should get help from our ceiling fan repair San Antonio Installation Service.   We have all the wire strippers and light bulbs you need to complete your ceiling fan repair project.  So if you are experiencing a broken ceiling fan emergency, CALL US QUICKLY for you Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement.  We have experience in installing and replacing ceiling fans with the best quality of workmanship. Our San Antonio based ceiling fan repair services crew can handle any job no matter how complicated it is, so GIVE US A CALL TODAY to set up a no hassle service call!

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Can a handyman replace a ceiling fan?

Yes, a handyman can replace a ceiling fan that needs to be replaced. It’s not as hard as it may seem. You just need to have the right tools and enough experience with Ceiling Fan Replacement Installation Services.  We have techs ready to complete ceiling fan installation San Antonio TX 17 hours per day!

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What’s the difference between 3 and 4 blade ceiling fans?

The blades on 3-blade ceiling fans have more surface area than the blades on 4-blade ceiling fans, so they’ll move air at a lower speed. 4 blades are better for increasing the air movement because it provides more surface area. Ceiling fans come in different blade lengths. For the most airflow, you want a ceiling fan with more blades.

What is the difference between 3 and 5 blade ceiling fans?

The difference between a 3-blade and 5-blade ceiling fan is that the 3-bladed ceiling fan moves air at a slower speed than a 5-bladed ceiling fan. More blades means more surface area, which results in a faster airflow. Five blades are better for increasing air movement because they provide more surface area. Ceiling fans come in different blade lengths. For the most airflow, your best bet is to get a ceiling fan with more blades.

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Can I use a ceiling fan outdoors?

Yes there are indoor ceiling fans , with indoor ceiling fan blades and there ore outdoor ceiling fans with outdoor ceiling fan blades.  The outdoor ceiling fan models have a more rugged and weather proofed ceiling fixture.  These kits will usually come with a variety of extension down rods to accommodate different outdoor overhang types.

Do I need an electrician to install ceiling fan?

No, an electrician is not necessary. Ceiling fans are heavy and you need to do some planning before you hang it. Make sure there’s enough clearance for the blades, that the outlet box in your ceiling will support a heavy fan, and that the braces are done correctly so it doesn’t fall down. A subcontractor can help ensure everything goes smoothly.

An electrician is not required when installing a ceiling fan. But because it will have electricity running through it, you would want someone with experience to ensure that everything is installed correctly and secured properly for safety purposes. An electrician can also help you determine which type of light fixture will look best with your newly installed ceiling fan (many people like using LED) if this wasn’t taken into consideration during purchase.

Do I need an electrician to remove a ceiling fan?

Not necessarily, but you need to plan ahead in order to hang the ceiling fan correctly. For safety purposes, an electrician will be able to do it more efficiently than someone with no experience. An electrician can also help you choose a good light fixture if it hasn’t been chosen already for your newly hung ceiling fan (many people like using LED).

You would want someone with experience to remove a ceiling fan and you need an electrician if the ceiling fan is wired to be switched on by a wall switch. When removing a ceiling fan, make sure not to injure yourself with the blades as they can be sharp.

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What color wires go together for a ceiling fan? 

It is a common misconception that all three wires (typically black, blue, and white) are interchangeable. This is not true. A ceiling fan installation will typically have the black and blue wire go together for power to the fan’s motor, and the white wire alone for the light fixture. It will be necessary to twist the wires in order to combine them properly, but you should never cut these wires or connect them with electrical tape.

Normally, black and white wires are found together in a ceiling fan. You would usually find them together inside the ceiling fan switch box that is mounted on your ceiling. You may also find black and red/blue wires, which would be for an incandescent light fixture.

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How do I know if my ceiling box can support a fan?

Ceiling box supports ceiling fans that weigh up to 75 pounds. If you are installing a new ceiling fan, this weight limit should be confirmed in advance of installation. If the ceiling fan is heavier than 75 pounds, call an electrician for assistance with installation and increasing the support in the ceiling box where it needs to be installed.

If short ceilings can accommodate a higher capacity box (100 lbs), speak to your local hardware store about retrofitting your current fan if necessary.

If you have a ceiling box with two wires (usually black and white) coming from it, your outlet box is rated for 120 volts. This means that the ceiling box can support a fan, but perhaps not a larger one.  Verify your ceiling bracket can hold the desired fixture.

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Is it OK to leave a ceiling fan on all day?

NO, there is a risk to the fan blades and your ceiling (overheating), it may cause a fire or electrical malfunction, and you may discover high rates of energy consumption.

A ceiling fan doesn’t work as well when in constant operation; disengage them when they’re not needed. This will help reduce energy costs. if the blades are frozen or frosted, then they can develop problems or break; so make sure to always clean your blades before turning your fan back on and rotating again.

How to Select the Right Ceiling Fan?

Before we get into specific brands, let’s think about some of the most common points to consider when choosing a ceiling fan, no matter who makes it. The first thing to think about: are you looking for something that will cool you off or warm you up? A lot of people find they need a mix between the two, which is why one of the best types is an oscillating fan. If you live in a place where it gets really cold in the winter but really hot in the summer like I do (Arizona), then you may want to buy an expensive wicker ceiling fan as these are designed to cool off during the summer and warm up during the winter.  This will greatly influence your ceiling fan selection.

You want to select a ceiling fan that matches the size of your room and the type of light fixture you are using. You should also consider the height of the ceiling, how much clearance is required for moving around in your room, and what kind of look you would like to achieve with your new ceiling fan. There are many different types of ceiling fans out there, but there are only a few that can work with an LED light fixture.  You can finally get an energy efficient fan that will cut your energy bills and energy usage fast.

There are specific measurements and factors to take into consideration before installing a ceiling fan. Is space available in the room? What type of light fixtures will be used with the new ceiling fan? Is it possible to install a higher capacity box if necessary. And the fun begins!

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Generally, for every degree you increase the thermostat setting, you decrease monthly air conditioning costs by 1%.  Additionally, because you’re not compelled to turn up the thermostat to compensate for heat loss, a ceiling fan can reduce heating expenses by up to 15%.(

Fans Double As a Pest Deterrent

Bugs have a hard time getting around in a room with a strong wind current created by a ceiling fan. The bugs may also come in contact with the spinning blades when they do try to fly around and ruin your indoor relaxation.

There will be less dormant places in a room when you’re circulating air constantly, which can also help prevent bug breeding.

Ceiling fans can also be installed outside to help keep your backyard parties pest-free as well. You should ensure the ceiling fan is designed for outdoor use and humidity if that’s your intention.


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