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What’s included with GARBAGE DISPOSAL installation service?

  • Removal and haul away of old disposal (if needed)
  • Mounting and wiring customer-supplied garbage disposal
  • Connection of drain lines and existing electrical
  • Garbage disposal test and clean up

Why should I hire a pro to do GARBAGE DISPOSAL installation?

There’s the ick factor. Garbage disposal hoses are full of all kinds of gunk, and some of that gunk may end up on you when you’re working on removing your old garbage disposal. Also, replacing a garbage disposal involves tapping into your home’s plumbing and electrical systems, and both systems need to be handled correctly to safely remove your old garbage disposal and install your new garbage disposal. Someone with a lot of experience can handle the job in an hour or 2—or maybe even less. Attempting a garbage disposal replacement without any training will likely take at least double the time required for a professional to replace a garbage disposal. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”166″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Please have on hand the garbage disposal you purchased, including all screws and other pieces that came with it, before your garbage disposal replacement appointment. Additional charges may be added by the service provider to cover the cost of any additional parts or labor required to complete the garbage disposal replacement.

What steps are involved in replacing a garbage disposal?

  • Step 1: Your pro will first check under your sink to make sure your new garbage disposal will fit the area and sink, and turn off the water to your sink.
  • Step 2: Removing the old disposal requires turning off the correct electrical breaker, handling whatever water and food are sitting in the pipes, and then safely dismantling the whole assemblage.
  • Step 3: The pro will pry the snap ring off the sink flange of your new garbage disposal, which will allow the entire garbage disposal mounting assembly to come apart, so the pro can work with each of the components in the correct order.
  • Step 4: If the garbage disposal should be attached to the dishwasher, the pro will prepare the garbage disposal to be connected, and then install the mounting ring and snap ring.
  • Step 5: Next, the pro will connect the electrical wires and mount the garbage disposal under the sink.
  • Step 6: Finally, the pro will attach the drain lines to the garbage disposal, and finish the garbage disposal assembly by tightening all the connections and cleaning up.

(210) 774-6933

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  • Garbage Disposals – Modernize Your Food Waste Removal – Whether you are updating an old garbage disposal or starting fresh on a remodel, many of the latest models for your needs. now include silent garbage disposals and disposals with multi grind stages that can pulverize even the hardest to grind food waste.

What are garbage disposals or garbage disposers?

Garbage disposals are a machine in your kitchen sink that grinds food waste into very small particles to help reduce the smell and clogging of drains. A garbage disposal is beneficial because it can help to save on water and electricity and they’ll cut down on your kitchen waste by grinding the food in seconds. They can also cut down on trips to the store for different bags of trash or going outside to dispose of rotting food.

8 Signs of a Failing Garbage Disposal

1. Abnormal Noises
2. Frequent Resets
3. Unexplained Clogs
4. No Power
5. Persistent Odors
6. Rusting Body
7. Poor Performance
8. Water Leaks

(210) 774-6933

12 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Can That Go in the Garbage Disposal? – Consult our garbage disposal dos and don’ts list! Homeowners can avoid sending stuff swirling down the drain that should NEVER end up in the disposal.

1. Coffee grounds

2. Pasta

3. Bones

4. Bones

4. Paint

5. Cleaning chemicals

6. Pits

7. Potato peels

8. Pumpkin and fibrous vegetables

9. Egg shells

10. Onion skins

11. Nuts

12. Oatmeal

Top 8: What Can Safely Go in the Garbage Disposal?

It’s important to know what can be put into a garbage disposal because some items can cause harm to the unit or clog up the drain line. The following is a list of items that can safely go in a garbage disposal:
  1. Rice
  2. Potatoes
  3. Pastries
  4. Pizza crust
  5. Bread
  6. Cereal
  7. Rice
  8. Small amounts of fruits/vegetables

(210) 774-6933

Garbage Disposal Statistics

Factual sentences referenced across top search results:
  • According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, these appliances last about 5-11 years, so if yours came with the place, depending on how long you’ve lived there, it could soon be time to look for a new one. (
  • In the United States, some 50% of homes had disposal units as of 2009, compared with only 6% in the United Kingdom and 3% in Canada. (
  • Food scraps range from 10% to 20% of household waste, and are a problematic component of municipal waste, creating public health, sanitation and environmental problems at each step, beginning with internal storage and followed by truck-based collection. (
  • About 8 percent of wastewater treatment plants across the U.S. feed sludge into anaerobic digesters tanks fostering bacteria that thrive without oxygen and break down waste full of carbon, like food scraps, oils or poop. In 2011, Americans disposed of 80 pounds of trash per person each year – food and packaging accounted for 14 percent of this total. (

Where Does the Food in Your Garbage Disposal Go?

Garbage disposals grind up the leftovers from your dishwasher or sink. The bits of food that are ground up, shoots out into the drain system. This waste is collected by a special garbage disposal unit beneath your kitchen sink, or a septic system on your property, and sent to a treatment plant where it is disposed of somewhere else.

Did Your Old Garbage Disposal Finally Give Out?

The reasons that your garbage disposal may not be working is that it has stopped rotating, the electricity to it has been turned off, a plumbing object in the unit has become wedged, the motor has rusted and broken, the seals have failed and caused the unit to start leaking, or there is a power failure.

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

There are several ways to clean a garbage disposal:
  1.  Putting ice cubes and dish soap into the disposal for 15 minutes then turning it on. This will help to clean out any build up that may have been caused by food scraps.
  2.  Adding ½ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of salt into the disposal every month, this will keep sludge build up away.
  3.  Using baking soda and vinegar in the disposal to help remove odors.
  4.  Removing the blades from the unit and scraping off any residue, you can also use a cleaning brush to scrub it out.

Why should I have a garbage disposer?

A garbage disposer is beneficial because it can help to save on water and electricity and they’ll cut down on your kitchen waste by grinding the food in seconds.

What are continuous and batch feed types, and which one do I need?


Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

The continuous feed garbage disposal is better for large families or households with lots of waste. With a continuous feed garbage disposal you can chop up waste and just let it go down the drain. Continuous feed garbage disposers are best if you need less power. This type of disposal will work continuously, unlike the batch feed which will only work during intervals.

Batch feed Garbage Disposals

Batch feed garbage disposals are best if you need more power for grinding large items like bones, as well as ice cubes or potato peels, that may not have gone through the dishwasher. These models start after the chute is full and you insert a chute plunger.

(210) 774-6933

What size motor is necessary for a garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal is a crucial appliance that every household should have. This is an investment that will save you time, money, and the environment. There are many different sizes and power options, but there are a few things you should know before buying one. One of the first thing to consider is what size your installation can support. Some garbage disposals come on the market as an under-the-sink unit. You also want to make sure your electrical supply has enough wattage for your new disposal, some only need 120 volts while others need 220 volts and up to 3000 watts. The size of your garbage disposal should be big enough that it can process the food wastes in your kitchen, but not too big so that it doesn’t use a lot of electricity. A garbage disposer’s motor should be powerful enough to grind up all the food waste in the kitchen and to grind up any organic matter, but this is sometimes difficult because they are often overloaded and break down easily.
  1. 1/3 horsepower: The lowest horsepower garbage disposals available
  2. 1/2 horsepower: This is the minimum horsepower recommended for typical home use.
  3. 3/4 horsepower: This is an ideal size that will serve most kitchens quite well. At this size, a garbage disposal has plenty of power for all those leftovers.
  4. 1 horsepower: If you feel the need to grind chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds, a 1 horsepower disposal will work well.

What are the main things to look for when shopping for a garbage disposal?

  1. Brand
  2. Warranty
  3. Noise level
  4. Is Power cord included
  5. Does home have a septic tank
  6. Does your waste disposal firm offer composting

How hard is it to replace a garbage disposal?

Replacing a garbage disposal can be done easily with the help of our trained plumbing professionals. There are many reasons why you may need to replace your garbage disposal in your home. Maybe it is just time for an upgrade, or perhaps there is something wrong with it and we can replace the unit quickly for you! In either case, Garbage Disposal Replacement Service Professionals are experienced at quickly replacing the disposers that need a new life. . Garbage disposers are easy to replace, if you have the right tools and can work above your head while laying on your back. All you have to do is shut off power at your breaker and water at the connection, loosen the sink trap below the sink from which the disposal was installed, dislocate the old garbage disposal at the dishwasher connection pipe or hose, remove old garbage disposal and slip new one in its place. Make use of strong pliers facing you and also wear gloves if necessary. Depending on your setup this will take you only a few minutes up to an hour!

(210) 774-6933

Do garbage disposals fit all sinks?

A garbage disposal will fit any sink. The only thing that may limit the installation is the length of the pipe connected to the dishwasher. Garbage disposals are installed above the pipes under your sink and they use a dishwasher connection pipe or hose to send food waste into a plastic tube with blades, which grinds it down into slurry for easy removal. If your dishwasher pipe does not reach the garbage disposal, you can buy an adapter to relocate it. . Garbage disposals come in a variety of sizes to fit most kitchen sinks, but some homes are not equipped for their use. Garbage disposals require a direct connection to your sink’s waste drain pipe. If you have a dishwasher, this is accomplished through an opening in the sink trap. . Other houses may have a garbage disposal that connects through the garbage disposal hose, and will need custom piping to install. Garbage disposals can also be installed in dishwashers or connect to the floor drain or septic tank piping. . It is important to know what size your garbage disposal unit should be before buying one for installation in your kitchen. The best way to know this is by measuring how much space there is between where your garbage disposal will be and where your sink bottom is in relation to the sink cabinet floor. . .

Do you need to empty a garbage disposal?


You do not need to empty a garbage disposal.


Many people look at garbage disposals as something to clean or maintain, but this is not the case. The small amount of water and food particles that come out of a garbage disposal when you turn it on pass through a septic system or into the main sewage line, so there is no need to empty the unit. . A main cause for concern among homeowners is regarding “floaties,” which are safe enough to go down your drain without compromising its effectiveness, but may cause problems if they stay too long in your pipes. . The blades inside most disposals are designed with built-in scrapers that keep them running smoothly also stopping any large food particles from getting past them and clogging up your drain pipes. .

(210) 774-6933


What Garbage Disposals can you Install and Replace?

  1. waste king garbage disposal
  2. moen garbage disposal
  3. kenmore garbage disposal
  4. kitchenaid garbage disposal
  5. frigidaire garbage disposal
  6. badger 500 garbage disposal
  7. badger 100 garbage disposal
  8. badger 9 garbage disposal
  9. badger 1 garbage disposal
  10. insinkerator garbage disposal
  11. american standard garbage disposal
  12. ge garbage disposal
  13. whirlpool garbage disposal
  14. whirlpool gc2000 garbage disposal
  15. whirlaway garbage disposal
  16. menards garbage disposal
  17. garbage disposal menards
  18. ace hardware garbage disposal
  19. garbage disposal lowes
  20. home depot garbage disposal
  21. costco garbage disposal
  22. sam’s club garbage disposal
  23. walmart garbage disposal
  24. sears garbage disposal
  25. evergrind garbage disposal
  26. commercial garbage disposal


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